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Data Privacy Policy

GDPR compliance statement

1. Consent


By clicking the consent/agreement tick box on the email form, you agree to share information with Liquidigloo Limited. Also, by entering into a working agreement with Liquidigloo Limited you consent to sharing information about the project and your company in the interest of completing the project.


2. Information storage


Any data, or company information we hold for our clients or suppliers is held on a number of password protected internal storage solutions and computers at Liquidigloo's premises. We also store and back up our clients and suppliers information to a password protected online storage iCloud solution operated by AppleĀ®. We rarely keep paper copies of client information, any paper information we do hold is locked in a secure metal cupboard.


3. Data Sharing


Liquidigloo Limited does not share client information with any other companies. On occasion we do pass-on suppliers contact details; websites, email and office telephone numbers in the interest of promoting their services to our clients. We only pass-on supplier information that can be easily obtained in the public domain.


4. Data Portability.


Any of our clients or suppliers can request the data, or information we hold for their company at anytime, we will try to deliver a copy of all the data we hold within 7 working days of request.


5. What we hold.


Liquidigloo Limited holds information on: Company name, company address, telephone and email address provided by the client or supplier. We also hold website FTP ( File Transfer Protocol) login details, and CMS (Content Management System) access portal details for clients using those service facility. We can on occasion hold Online Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) details provided by the client for the purpose of web development.


We also hold supplier banking payment details to allow Liquidigloo Limited to make payment by bank transfer, BACS. The details we hold are payment gateways only, we do not have access to any client or supplier banking facilities.

6. Security measures.


Liquidigloo Limited employs a number of security measures to protect data stored on and off site. All computers on-site are protected by AVG ani-virus and internet security , along with Symantec Email Cloud.Security on all incoming and outgoing emails. All our PC's, Macs, tablets and mobile devices are all password protected.


Off site, we use Apples iCloud Service to secure client details and Login details for servers, hosting, and CMS portals. We also use UKFAST to host Liquidigloo's dedicated online server containing a number of client websites. The service is Password Protected and access to the server control panel is revoked to countries outside the United Kingdom as an additional security measure.



7. What we use your data for.


Liquidigloo uses data and information for contact purposes or access to operations we require to conduct our duties and services. We do NOT share any client information with third parties or sales companies. We do on occasion share contact information of trusted suppliers with clients in need of their services, however we only share information readily available in the public domain, such as office telephone number, email or website URL.


8. Clients actions.


If you feel Liquidigloo Limited holds information or data about your company, you can request we delete it at any time. We also suggest our clients and suppliers continually update passwords and access logins to all control panels and portals available to Liquidigloo on a regular basis. Should we need access to those portals in future, we will request login details at that time of requirement.


9. Conclusion


Although Liquidigloo Limited is a small company, we take data breach very seriously. The limited information and data we hold about our clients and suppliers we keep safe to the best of our ability.


Do NOT share delicate, financial or private information about your company, or your clients with Liquidigloo at any time.